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Folland's Forgotten Monoplanes (Part 3)
Issue number 11 of “The Aviation Historian”, published today, includes Part 3 of Ralph Pegram’s feature article about Henry Folland. More information about this modern journal of classic aeroplanes and the history of flying can be found at Based on Robert Mayo’s idea for a composite aircraft (below left), Folland designed a high-speed long-range bomber (above), to be used as part of a “piggyback” bomber concept devised by Folland and Mayo. The author’s three-dimensional rendering of the proposed bomber is based on previously unpublished drawings from the RAeC Collection. Photographs from the Collection were used to illustrate all three journal articles about Folland (below right). Despite a lack of success for his radical designs, Folland’s aircraft company made an invaluable contribution to wartime production with sub-contract work.