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RAeC Collection "Showcase" (2)
The second album featured in the Showcase is that of Captain W H Dolphin (above), who served with the Royal Flying Corps in Egypt, Palestine and Arabia during 1917-1918. His photograph album shows rare images of the Vickers F.B.19 “Bullet” (below left) and the Bristol M.1. Monoplane (below right) of No. 111 Squadron of the RFC, which was formed in Palestine on 1 August 1917. Wilfrid Herbert Dolphin, who was born in 1882, joined the Royal Aero Club as a Member on 4 April 1911 and qualified for his Aviator’s Certificate #82 on 9 April 1911. He remained a Member of the Club for more than 38 years – successfully applying to pay a reduced membership contribution upon reaching pension age 65.