Royal Aero Club Papers

The Royal Aero Club Collection contains unique material, and only by inspection of each item are historic documents being discovered. Examples include:

  • the grant to the Aero Club of the prefix "Royal" in 1910;
  • the origin of the King's Cup air races, first contested in 1922; and
  • correspondence about the Schneider Trophy Contests, won outright by a British team in 1931.

Royal Aero Club Minute Books

The Minute Books of the main Committee of the Aero Club – later the Royal Aero Club - can be considered over three periods.

1901 to 1956

The Minute Books covering the period 1901 to 1956 have been optically scanned. The digitised images can be searched and viewed online.


1956 to 1969

The Minute Books covering the period 1956 to 1969 are missing. However, the activities of the Club during this period can be followed through the contemporary editions of the Royal Aero Club Gazette, held in the archives.


1969 to 2007

The Minute Books covering the period 1969 to 2007 have been optically scanned. The digitised images can be searched and viewed online.


Royal Aero Club Sub-Committee Minute Books

The Minute Books of various Sub-Committees have now been scanned too, and the digitised images can also be searched and scanned online. This new development opens up further exciting opportunities for detailed research into the history of the Club.

Sub-CommitteeFirst DateLast Date
AGM Minutes11 Mar 190928 Apr 1965
Racing Committee16 Feb 192029 Aug 1923
Racing Committee5 Sep 192327 Jun 1934
Racing Committee31 Oct 193420 Jun 1950
Racing Committee23 Aug 19509 Dec 1959
Balloon Committee26 Jan 190618 Jun 1908
Exhibition Committee30 Jan 190628 Aug 1907
Technical Committee21 Feb 190614 Dec 1906
Gliding Committee28 Aug 192221 Sep 1923
House Committee21 Jan 195217 Dec 1956
Technical Committee5 May 191920 Jul 1925
MacRobertson International Air Race24 Nov 193319 Oct 1934
RAeC and Automobile Association13 Jun 19345 Aug 1938
SBAC – RAeC Joint Standing Committee24 Jul 191926 Feb 1930
Schneider Trophy (1929)9 Nov 192711 Sep 1931
• Finance Committee14 May 193115 Mar 1932
• General Purposes Committee23 Feb 193125 Aug 1931
• Press and Publicity Committee28 Apr 193114 May 1931

Aviators' Certificates

The index cards and photograph albums of pilots who were issued with their Aviators' Certificates by the Royal Aero Club from 1910 onwards are available through the website or at the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon and many public libraries, where the records are freely available.

Bev Snook Papers

During 2006, further archival material - the property of the late Beverley J Snook OBE, a past chairman of the Royal Aero Club - was added to the Collection.


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